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so 2014 is upon us and the growing season is starting.

planted lots of stuff over the last few days and already some of it is showing signs of life!

So far in the below pictures:

-Tomatoes (Moneymaker)
-Spring Onions

The tomatoes already sprung up and I moved them to their own pots.
The Spring onions are looking good but had to move them out of the conservatory as I think it was a little too hot.

2014-03-16 17:27:00

So my first tomato from the Hozelock Growbag water has turned red!

As you can see the plant's are still very large and continuously growing.
I have trimmed them below the top window level now, as they were getting a little too tall.

The beef steak tomatoes are getting very heavy for the plant and are pulling it down towards the floor, I will build a bit more of a support structure over the next few days.

The only problem has been a little bit of over watering.
I believe this has been caused by the plants roots growing through the bottom of the grow bag and into the water chamber.
I am hoping this is just in the locations where I have put support steaks in the plant (as they went through the bag). But will not know until I remove the bag at the end, as its too heavy too move now.

If so then I will try not to puncture the bag next year.

2013-07-23 17:21:00

Well my Late Raspberries are growing really well and have already produced a small amount of fruit. But now they seem to be in full bloom and soon I should have loads!

I do not think a minute goes by where there is not a Bee on them, so I guess I am doing a service to the Bee Population too

My Spring onions are doing amazing too, and are ready for picking, But I find it better to leave them in the ground until they are required.

The Rocket has lived up to its name and really shot up the last few weeks, One of the plants actually went to seed the other day, which I had to put a stop to!

2013-07-17 18:35:00

So I went on holiday and my tomatoes we at the level in the first picture to the right, looking good and starting to produce some fruit.

8 days later I returned to my new tomato jungle, they really have taken off and there are soo many fruits setting on all the plants. looks like I will have a good supply of tomatoes.

2013-07-01 11:29:00

Well even though I have been very busy doing up the house and garden, I had to get something growing this year.

Over the last few weeks I have planted:
Spring Onions

Also my Raspberry plant I brought with me is doing really really well and so I have transplanted it to a new bigger pot!

I have also purchased some moneymaker tomato plants from a garden center and the neighbour gave me a beef steak tomato plant.

As you can see in the photos of the tomatoes they are planted in a Hozelock grow bag waterer(1st Picture),what a great bit of kit it is too!
I won it in a Hozelock competition, we will see how it goes this year, but if its good I might get another one!

Also outside (3rd Picture) I have the Hozelock aquapod 10, which is set to automatically water my plants twice a day! again, a very good piece of kit!

2013-05-13 09:09:00

So in August we purchased our first home, with a lovely 70ft garden, but the garden needed a lot of work, to start with to remove the 30ft+ tree.

So there has not been much on the grounds of planting veg this year, but the garden is almost there now, and the rest of the concrete is to be removed this Friday.

2013-05-13 08:59:00

Moving House

Ok, So I have not updated this in a while as I have been very busy buying a house with a 70ft Garden.
Obviously this has also meant I have cut down on my growing for the time being until after the move.

But.. things have gone very well, I have dug up all the shallots,Cattots & Potatoes
(a bit early on the potatoes but they got Blight)
Still got a good amount out considuring!.
The carrots were very nice, and I am growing around 50 spring onions at the moment as they are the best.

As for some photos then, here is my pride and joy Lemon Cucumber [middle of bottom photo & top right photo]
First one growing, currently the size of a golf ball but growing quite quickly.
In the bottom photo to the left of it is my mini Bell pepper, which I have already had some very strong peppers off and a few more are ripening right now!.
to the right is my courgette plant that really has not done very much other than displayed the nice yellow flowers, very pretty!

2012-08-09 17:00:00

Updated photos, everything looking amazing.

Think the baby carrots have another month to go, might transplant the sprouts into their own pots soon.

2012-05-23 18:00:00

Start Of May

for once, just a nice post as I am quite happy my plants are all looking nice and healthy.

and with a bit of sun at the mo, sure they will all be happy this weekend

Also have some mini bell peppers & lemon cucumbers growing well indoors at the moment.

2012-05-12 11:00:00

Start Of April

Ok so everything is now planted and most seems to be going very well.

My potatoes did get hit by a little frost the other day, and one courgette plant too.

my sweet'n'neat tomatoes are a little sun damaged, but this should not affect them at all and they have spouted their first tomatoes!

planted my Rocket outside today, and replanted one of the mini bell pepers, new corgette plant and lemon cuecumber in the blow away.

My Maris Piper potatoes have been growing great and are now almost totally earther up!

2012-04-07 12:00:00

2012-04-07 12:00:00

Chenzo chili's

Indoor Chilli's and wild Rocket growing very well

The overwintered cayennes, Which I have now learnt are chenzo chili's are producing 1-2 chilli's a day and all the rest have just started to flower!

The Wild Rocket is also looking really good and should be ready for picking very soon!

2012-04-07 11:00:00

[Day 44] Further Chilli's Replanted

The chilli plants are coming along nice and strong, so I have now re-planted the rest of them in their individule pots, with only a few left in the small pots.

The green fly seem to like the new plants as the little things we covered.
so, squish squish squish they went!

2012-02-18 12:00:00

Planted Wild Rocket & Fragrant Lavender

Ok, so I am fed up with squishing the green flys on my chilli's and I have read that they do not like lavender, which by chance is one of my favourite plants, as I always remember my nan Edna used to love it!

So I have planted some lavender seeds in the heated propogator, but not expecting to see much for a while, as it says they take up to 30 days.

Just to see what happens, I have also planted some Wild Rocket seeds in the other half of it.

I have also moved some of the best looking potatoes into egg boxes, to help them Chit.

2012-01-28 13:00:00

Planted Wild Rocket & Fragrant Lavender

Ok, so I am fed up with squishing the green flys on my chilli's and I have read that they do not like lavender, which by chance is one of my favourite plants, as I always remember my nan Edna used to love it!

So I have planted some lavender seeds in the heated propogator, but not expecting to see much for a while, as it says they take up to 30 days. br>
Just to see what happens, I have also planted some Wild Rocket seeds in the other half of it.

2012-01-25 12:00:00

[Day 16] Replanting the Chilli's

Now most of the chilli plants are starting to look a lot stronger and it is getting a little cramped in the tray.
I have transplanted the best looking ones into their own pots and the others into the growing tray.

All seem happy with the move, and most of them had some nice roots below them so everything looking good.

Two of the Orange Habanero's were not looking as healthy as the others, so we will see how they do.

2012-01-23 18:00:00

[Day 14] Replanting the Tomatoes

Well the overwintered chilli plant is doing really well and is producing chilli's again. first few in the photo.

I have now transplanted the Tomato plant out of the propogator and into its own pot as it is looking nice and healthy.

2012-01-21 12:00:00

[Day 10] Seedlings doing good.

So the seedlings are off the heat now and are doing really well.

The Iranian Red's have not bothered to show them selves, but they were self saved by someone else. so could be duds.

I have also taken my Maris Piper seed potatos out of their bag they came in to let them chit...

Never grown potatoes before, so should be interesting.

2012-01-17 19:00:00

[Day 5] Is The First Chilli About to rise?

Checked again tonight and it looks like the first scotch bonnet is about to break through the soil and show its self!

Also 3 of the Orange Habanero's have sprouted through the surface!

Have now taken the lid off the propagator as a lot of the plants are breaking through the surface, but still keeping it on heat!

2012-01-12 19:00:00

[Day 3] First Breaking Of the Soil

Well my propergaor is doing its job, as today the first Tomato seedling popped its head through the soil to say hello! was hoping for the chilli's first, but can't be picky. So I have now opened the vent on the top of the propogator, and once the plant is stating to look stronger, I will remove it.

2012-01-10 19:00:00

2012 - Fresh Beginnings

So 2012 is upon us, and time to get planting!

I have already planted some shallots in the spare room, and they are growing already!!!

I purchased a "Sankey 38 cm Premier Growarm 100" heated propagator and got straight to planting.

Twilight (4 seeds)
Orange Habanero (4 seeds)
Iranian Red (4 seeds)
Gusto Purple (4 seeds)
Scotch Bonnet (2 seeds)

Tomato F1 Sweet n Neat (2 seeds)

2012-01-07 16:00:00

OverWintering Chilli's

As I had such good Cayenne production last year I thought I would over winter them this year.

all was going well, and they stopped producing chilli's for about 3 days.. haha

They are now starting to flower again, some of which turning into fresh new chilli's. so we shall see if they every stop producing, but from my point of view, hopefully not.

Oh and I did trim them back to about 20cm once the last chilli was red.

With soo many chilli's last year, I have dried some & frozen loads

2012-01-02 09:00:00

2011 - The Beginnings

My First Year of Planting got off to a great start.

I planted:
Cayenne Chilli's
Sweet Pea's

It was just a bit of fun to start with, got a few free packets of seeds from suttons through the post and though hay lets plant these and see what happens.

Altogeather I had 14 tomato plants (7 in each long pot) which produced around 400 tomatos in total using just tomatorite.

My chilli's I had 4 Cayenne chilli plants that have produced around 50 chilli's each over last season. (grown indoors)

My peas were not great, only got about half a portion of peas off them so do not think I will bother with them again.

But hay that was last year, and a lot of things I have learned.

2012-01-01 11:00:00

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